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Tips For Cleaning Blinds Without Taking Them Down

Debris will collect stains, insect debris, splatters and spills. The window blinds, as well as pull strings over time, get discolored. Routine cleaning like window washing and dusting can soil the blinds with time. Cleaning different blinds without taking them down can be quite challenging when you have not mastered the tricks that work. However, cleaning blinds without taking them down is a possibility when you master the steps discussed here which means you will always have your doors and windows covered.

For people that have one set of doors or window blinds, you will leave your doors and windows open and uncovered if you were to take them down and wait for coverings to become dry. For this reason you need to learn how cleaning different blinds without taking them down is effectively done. The steps below are valuable for cleaning different blinds without taking them down.

Open the window or door blinds and let them down to the last section as the first step to cleaning the blind without letting it down. You need to expose all the window slats by pulling the bottom of the blind out from the windowsill and letting it to fall. Do not forget that even the bottom window blinds that are not opened most of the time also become dirty over time. After letting the open the blinds, you have to ensure they do not touch each other by putting them in a horizontal position.

The next step to cleaning different blinds without taking them down is to vacuum all the loose dust off the window slats. You then have to use a brush attachment on end of the hose and vacuum the maximum dirt from the bottoms and tops of the window slats.

Step three to cleaning different blinds without taking them down is to add antibacterial soap to warm water in a bucket. You then soak a clean cloth in warm soapy water and wrench excess water out. Get the wet cloth and fix it around the slat before sliding it from one end to another as you move around the support strings. Every time the wet cloth is soiled, stop for a moment to dip it again in the warm water so that you can continue. Ensure that you clean the top and bottom bars of the window slat sufficiently.

The final step of cleaning the window blind without removing them is to clean the blind pull strings. Dip a clean white cloth in warm water and put some bleach to it which you then use for cleaning and restoring the color of blind pull strings.

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