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What You Should Know About Sarcopenia and How to Manage It

One of the most common old related diseases is known as sarcopenia, and it can cause significant loss of muscles to the affected persons. Failing to manage sarcopenia can cause significant damage to the affected as they may not be able to perform the daily tasks and even face the risk of succumbing to the condition. It is essential to note that the effects of sarcopenia can be achieved through lifestyle changes and even reverses the damages and below are facts about the condition.

Sarcopenia is closely tied with old age, but other factors such as disusing the muscles can worsen the situation due to weakness and muscle loss. The common triggers of sarcopenia includes not participating in your daily activities such as walking or training, and after some time, achieving the regular activities can become a significant challenge. Injuries at the old age that causes inflammation can also be attributed to the quick muscle loss as the body tries to repair the tissues.

When your diet does not consist of enough calories and proteins, then you are likely to suffer from sarcopenia. Although the intake of proteins may decrease due to teeth problems, difficulty in swallowing and changes of taste, you should find alternatives that will lead to increased consumption of proteins. Stress caused by other conditions such as cardiovascular problems, kidney failure, and cancer treatment can also accelerate effects of sarcopenia.

You can know that you are suffering from muscle degeneration when you feel weak, face difficulty in lifting the everyday objects, quick exhaustion, and decreased speeds in walking. It is essential to consult your doctor whenever you are experiencing such problems to see the steps that you can take to manage the condition.

Most senior people have been able to overcome the challenges of sarcopenia by undertaking the usual resistance training, such as lifting weights. You can also combine resistance training with fitness training to improve your endurance levels, flexibility, and even grow some muscles. If you do not want to spend a lot of money in managing muscle loss, you should make the daily walks to be a routine as it enhances muscle development and reverse the effects of the condition.

You can reverse the process of muscle loss by ensuring that you take a balanced diet. Most sarcopenia patients have been able to reverse the effects of the condition through their diet, and you should ensure that you are getting enough Vitamin D, Proteins, Creatine and Omega-3 fatty acids. Sarcopenia is easily manageable as long as you take quality proteins and be active most times of the day though walking or engaging in most of the exercises that stimulate the formation of new muscles.

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